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FlyByWire Installer

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FlyByWire Simulations is a very successful and well known open-source project creating free addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As the community grew, a custom Installer became necessary, to handle the thousands of downloads every day and to enable modular updating. Now, one year later, we're proud that even other publishers will shortly arrive in the installer, which brings all your favourite addons together and making updating easier than ever.

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FlyByWire Installer

Pushy Island

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This project aims to recreate the original educational game 'Pushy Island' by MedienWerkstatt, though modernized and with all-renewed graphics. It's available as a web-application which is accessible from all your favourite devices. It's even open-source!

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my name is Florian and I'm 19 years old. I live in a beautiful small village not too far from Koblenz - that's in the west of Germany. As I love aviation - you probably noticed - I tend to spend my weekends gliding at the local airfield. When I'm not in the air, you'll either find me sailing, taking photos or coding - mostly for the great open-source project FlyByWire Simulations. To computers I mainly speak in TypeScript, Python and Java, for human conversations I prefer English, German and French though, and sometimes even Spanish or Dutch.